About Us

The largest online source of Bangladesh’s restaurant’s information, helps users to quickly find restaurants that suit their tastes. The website has a high hit count supported by a strong user base. Sophisticated search functions ensure ease of use, while the use of photographs on profiles gives users a sense of the atmosphere and speciality of the dishes of each restaurant. Real-time alerts provide information on limited-time menu offerings and one-day discount deals. Our aim is to support restaurants by making this information as widely available as possible. We will keep in step with the social trends and support restaurants by providing a service of genuine value.


Owned by BJIT Limited, one of the largest software companies in Bangladesh, was launched in November 2012. Our aim is to provide the fastest, easiest-to-use and most advanced food navigation website in the marketplace. If you want to find foods or restaurants in Bangladesh, turn to


Restaurant Benefits:

    1. A brand new platform to promote restaurant and food

    2. Helps to find more potential customer and gives a better business platform

    3. Able to provide detail information along with map location

    4. Will get food quality feedback from customers’ review

    5. Can easily attract foreigners’ and tourists’ attention

Customer Benefits:

    1. Restaurants’ detail information with location map

    2. Easy navigation and advance search helps to find desired information

    3. Can get a clear picture of the money budget before going to the restaurant

    4. Review helps to get quality food & restaurant

    5. Saves time & money